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A conversation with Keiron Sparrowhawk, Founder of MyCognition

I had a thought provoking conversation with my friend Keiron Sparrowhawk on the podcast a few months ago and you can listen to it now. Make sure you set aside 45 minutes of focused time so that you can really listen to the information and learn. This is not a podcast to multitask with.

Keiron is currently doing some of the most rewarding work in his life at MyCognition, developing cognitive assessment and interventions that track, treat and prevent poor mental health.

Following a successful career in pharmaceuticals, culminating as the International Lead in pricing (GSK), Keiron co-founded the consultancy, PriceSpective in 2003, and exited in 2012. He then focussed on executive function and neuroscience, founding MyCognition. His inspiration is to help individuals with cognitive deficits due to neuropsychiatric conditions, as well as exploring the broader benefits of enhanced cognitive fitness.

If you are interested in science, how the brain and mind works, cognition and mental health then this is the podcast for you! Keiron takes me on a journey of the 5 atoms of cognition; executive function, episodic memory, attention, psychomotor speed and working memory.

It is fascinating stuff and I have experienced the MyCognition app myself, played the games and have personally improved my cognition using it.

Approved by the NHS and suggested as one of the leading technologies from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this is a no brainer for your business.

Connect with Keiron here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/keiron-sparrowhawk-b48541/

Learn more here: https://mycognition.com/



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