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A conversation with Stephen Marks, Founder of Mind Body Building

Stephen is a former city lawyer so is very well placed to talk about the corporate world. During this time he had a sort of revelation and realised how important wellness was and so he has now been on a journey to educate himself about wellness as it relates to healthy buildings. He is also a WELL AP, and a practising yoga teacher.

He fully understands the pressures of a desk bound job both mental and physical and the stress that demanding deadlines and long hours place on our bodies and minds. With his experience being in the Corporate world and understanding the wellness industry he is very well placed to support companies with their wellness strategies.

We talk all about this on the podcast from his journey to better health, building design, the hospitality industry, investing in health and wellness and all the gossip from the Global Wellness Summit and the UN sustainability goals!

This is one not to miss!

Connect with Stephen here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephen-marks-507338166/



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