Kirsty comes from a well travelled background and started life in Mauritius with her mum, dad and younger brother.

White sand, coconut trees and blue sea, Mauritius cultivates that postcard destination. Located in the Indian Ocean, it is paradise and she fondly remembers the warm people, the rainbow of colours, delicious food, Sega dancing, sundowners and where her passion for travel began. She has grown up having to immerse herself into different cultures living in Mauritius, Bavaria and the UK and most recently Australia.

It makes sense then that she should find herself studying the subject of ergonomics and human factors at Loughborough University a decade ago. Studying modules of Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, Biomechanics, Design, Inclusive Design, Statistics, and Systems Thinking is what makes the world of ergonomics so fascinating. Ergonomic strategies and tools can be implemented in just about every environment, product and workplace.

With the rapidly changing demands of the workplace, a generalist (as Kirsty would describe herself) with their innate ability to adapt to new workplaces, job descriptions or cultural shifts can help you and your business thrive in this digital era. Having worked with SME’s to Corporates and Large Industrial Facilities all around the world Kirsty has the knowledge to help you navigate the ever-changing workplace and get your workforce flourishing and if she doesn’t, you’ll bet she knows someone who does.

She is invested in using people’s stories to cultivate the future workplace. By collecting people’s stories about the workplace and how it does or doesn’t work, we are helping to shape a better environment for everyone. So whilst ergonomics is most certainly about the numbers when it comes to statistics, dimensions, anthropometrics and engineering, Kirsty believes we also need to capture the language that people are using to describe our workplaces.

And so in 2018 after almost a decade working in the Corporate world, ‘The Travelling Ergonomist’ was born. An ergonomic consulting company that aims to add a little colour into what sometimes can be a very grey world. Through collecting people’s stories, developing programs, working with designers, hosting workshops and conducting assessments we hope that you’ll consider working with us.

Let’s create a narrative and use people’s language and stories as data so that we can envision and create a better future.