Predictive Analytics

Using state-of-the-art predictive analytics software, we run an ergonomics health check-up of your employees. This ergonomics check-up screens employees for workplace risks that can lower their productivity and also risks for musculoskeletal disorders. You will receive comprehensive reports that summarise risks and that suggest ergonomic interventions to boost wellness and productivity.

Ergonomic Program Development

After capturing either quantitative or qualitative information we would look to sit down with the key stakeholders in the business, understand everyone’s current pain points and future goals including strategies around budget and implementing solutions.

Design Consulting

Ergonomics is typically the last thing that is considered when designing a new office space, refurb or buying new equipment. This can be a costly approach. We would look to implement a design standard so that as a business you are making sustainable decisions on product purchases. Whether that is looking at task chairs, sit stand desks, keyboards and mice, laptop accessories, we can help assess the equipment for you, conduct user trials and create and ‘ergo lab’ where employees can test products before they buy. We can also be a key addition to the project or design team and be a sounding board for workplace layout and how that impacts employees.

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomics is a proactive discipline, so we want to design out as many issues as possible. Sometimes though there are things we cannot account for and an individual ergonomic assessment is required.We would discuss current and historic issues, musculoskeletal risk factors, correct workstation setup, health and wellbeing which is followed by a full written report with further recommendations if required.

Webinars and Remote Assessments

Whilst we love dealing with you face to face and having that human touch, we realise that sometimes there may be a better way to interact with you or your employees. We can create and host webinars and conduct remote assessments if required.

Seminars and Workshops

These are a great way to educate employees on ergonomics efficiently. We can gather 30-40 people in one seminar and educate them in a fun and interactive way about the workplace, ergonomics, musculoskeletal disorders and how to avoid them, setting up their workstation, laptop use, sit stand desk use and general health and wellness. Equipping your employees with this knowledge will allow them to flourish in their job. We can also host seminars for leaders and get them up to speed on workplace trends, how to build and implement an ergonomics program, and how to sustain an ergonomics program.

Post Occupancy Training and Assessments

Following an office refurbishment or major office move, it is important that from the beginning employees know how to use their space and the equipment provided. We can conduct post occupancy floor walks to ensure all employees are well educated about the new space and we pick up any issues quickly and before they get any worse.

Content Creation

In a world where we spend hours per day scrolling social media, reading blogs, listening to podcasts and watching videos it would seem a missed opportunity to not incorporate this into your program. Many ergonomics program fail because once implemented there is no follow through. We are able to create weekly or monthly newsletters that go out to employees, create content for your intranet site or curate audio/video content so the people in your business have health and wellbeing at the forefront of their minds. It takes time to make significant change so producing and sharing regular content is important for the success of your ergonomics program.

Bespoke Consulting

If you are unable to find a service that fits your requirements, please do get in touch as we work on all sorts of projects and we may well be able to curate a bespoke program for you.

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