WORKTECH Academy: Exploring the future of Work and Workplace

Australia has led the world in workplace design but isn’t complacent about the shifts ahead. The WORKTECH Sydney 2019 conference looked at the key transformations facing the Australian workplace.

I came across this article from WORKTECH Academy and thought it was definitely worth sharing. It highlights collaborative fatigue, the transition from GEN Y to GEN Z, connecting people, and of course the digital workplace. You’ll also see some case studies of workplace transformation in and around Australia.

Take a read, you won’t be disappointed. I only wish that more was spoken about with regards to ergonomics. After all ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of humans and other elements of a system. In this case the humans are employees and the system is the workplace. In the simplest way, my job as an ergonomist is to try and understand a system and create a program to make it better. When you change aspects of a workplace, there are ripple effects that occur so it’s my job to highlight and understand this and come up with a better solution. We can’t always account for everything  but we can certainly try.




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